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Fluff Contest Winners

First Place: WildWeasel
Nuada NDA-1SW

Ryksein RYK-1SW

Bloodhawk BLH-1SW

Kumo KUM-1

Second Place: Teamkiller

Nuada BDA-1SW


The PRAIRIE FIRE PRA-1DH appeared during the middle portion of the Federated Commonwealth civil war just as it was entering the "meat grinder" phase. It was designed as a battlefield "heavy assault" mech that could be produced in large numbers to feed the terrible battles of attrition that were grinding on throughout the Crucis March. By setting a maximum weight of 75 tons it could be produced in much larger quantities and quicker than other assault mechs (Most assault mechs cost twice as much as the Prairie Fire and take up to triple the construction time). And by cutting corners, such as on its armor, speed and heat dissipation rates it could be produced even more cheaply.

However by classifying it as an "Assault" mech (even though it was to light for this classification) and assigning it to forces fighting a battle-line attrition role. The Federated Suns leaders made a serious mistake, as this lead to its improper use and subsequent miserable reputation as the "Youth Taker". The charred remains of the Prairie Fire's litter cities throughout the Federated Suns portion of the Federated Commonwealth in mute testimony to the short sightedness of Federated Suns industrial leaders.

With the ending of the civil war Kallon Industries stopped production of the Prairie Fire PRA-1DH. The negative results of the Prairie Fire design philosophy had created massive resentment with many mechwarriors refusing to pilot them, especially recent graduates of Federated Suns mech academies. The Prairie Fire was almost always assigned to recent graduates from Federated Suns mech academies. More experienced pilots regarded them as being death traps and elite pilots where equipped with more conventional assault mechs.


In 3067, Baron Jason Denton owner of Kallon mech works and Mr. Dan Kelvin of General Motors (GM) in a state of remorse for all the deaths resulting from their companies design. Created Project NUADA with a remit to ensure that no more Prairie Fire pilots lost their lives through shortsighted mistakes.


The NUADA design team's primary focus was on survivability, a rare choice in mech design circles. The old Vlar 300 engine was replaced by a new Vlar 300 "Special Edition" 2200 Light Fusion design, which is based on captured clan technology. Whilst it is heavier than more traditional XL engine designs its advantage lies in its much smaller overall size which gives it a better chance of avoiding combat damage. At the same time GM FreezeStove double heat sinks replaced the older GM 6500's resulting in a drastic reduction in temperature during combat.

The weaponry was left unchanged, as it was probably the most redeeming feature of the Prairie Fire design. An Armstrong "Buzzsaw" 300 Rotary Autocannon and a Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle provides the primary weaponry. A battery of four Martell ER Medium Lasers and a Federated Guns "Peperbox" Streak SRM 4 makes up the secondary weaponry. This provides the Nuada with impressive firepower especially when linked to the new Matabushi Sentinel targeting computer which replaced the older Buck Diamond 2500. The communications system is the same, dependable Dakban Micronics as used in the Prairie Fire.

The armor was radically upgraded from 9 tons to 13 tons of Durallex Heavy "Prairie Fire Special" armor, which is a 50% increase over the previous design. This resulted however, in a number of problems with the KalTek XXXI Endo Steel super-structure being unable to handle the extra weight which resulted in stress fractures throughout the legs and arms. This problem has been resolved however through micro-knitting treatments and no further issues have arisen in tests. And finally a CASE system was added to the "BuzzSaw" Rotary autocannon ammunition bay, which provides protection from accidental ammunition explosions.

The resulting mech was re-christened the Nuada by Baron Denton himself at the Nuada NDA-1SW re-launch party at Kallon Industries on Talon. The NUADA re-capitalization project, which is financed by Baron Denton's and Mr. Kelvin's own personal funds, intends to remanufacture all the remaining Prairie Fire PRA-1DH battlemechs currently in Federated Suns service.

Whats In A Name: Nuada

According to mythology, at one point Nuada was the king of the Tuatha De Danaan. However, during the First Battle of Magh Tuiredh, Nuada's hand was severed from his body. This unfortunate wound immediately disqualified him from kinghood as no king could be so blemished.

After wandering for many years and after having many epic adventures the clever god Dian Cecht smiled upon Nuada and replaced his missing limb with a silver hand of his own making.

Nuada then returned and succeeded in retaking his kingdom and once more became the leader of the Tuatha De Danaan.

Type/Model:Nuada NDA-1SW
Tech:Inner Sphere / 3067
Config:Biped BattleMech
Rules:Level 2, Standard design
Mass:75 Tons
Chassis:KalTek XXXI Endo Steel "improved"
Powerplant:Vlar 300 Special Edition 2200
Walking Speed:43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed:64.8 km/h
Jump JetsNone
Jump Capacity0 metres
Armor Type:Durallex Heavy "Prairie Fire Special"

1 Armstrong "Buzzsaw" 300 Rotary AC/5
1 Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle
4 Martell ER Medium Lasers
1 Federated Guns "Peperbox" Streak SRM 4

Manufacturer:Kallon Industries, General Motors
Location:Talon, Kathil
Communications System:Dakban Micronics
Targeting & Tracking System:Matabushi Sentinel



[Imagine yourself turning the viewer on. A brightly polished mech surrounded by scantly clad females; a male voice begins speaking]

Ryksein Industries is proud to present the newest; the latest; the meanest battlemech design this side of Tuykivya a one man killing machine ttthhhhheeeeee Ryksein RYK-1SW

Introducing the latest in virtual reality modeling techniques Ryksein Industries has developed the most heavily armed battlemech in the medium weight class. The Ryksein is a product of 12 million!!!!!!!! Man hours of design excellence by some of the hottest new engineering talent in the inner sphere. The design has gone through one of the most rigorous testing process known to man, no situation is to difficult for this mech, no job is to difficult for this mech, no enemy is to difficult he he he.

[The view cuts to a Solaris battle-ROM of a Ryksein battling a dirty looking UrbanMech, broken mech parts litter the ground and smoke is rising everywhere. The UrbanMech unit insignia appears familiar but you cannot quite place it]

This mech can take on all comers.

[The UrbanMech pilot ejects and his mech crashes to earth]

You trust us because we deliver the best.


[You insert the ROM and turn the viewer on]

Let me be the first to congratulate you on what is the most essential purchase you will ever make. This introduction ROM is designed to familiarize you with the latest in Inner Sphere offensive weaponry the RYKSEIN-1SW

The RYKSEIN RYK-1SW is Ryksein Industries first Battlemech design and is well suited for offensive or defensive line of battle duties. Its impressive weaponry consists of twin death dealing Sunglow large lasers for those long-range opponents and two Holly Streak SRM launchers for that close in enemies. A pair of Martell ER medium lasers rounds out the weaponry. Over seven tons of StarGuard 3056 Ferro-Fibrous armor allows this mech to take a heavy amount of punishment making sure you get first rate protection.

The Ryksein's top speed of 86 kph allows you to keep up with your mech buddies and outmaneuver heavier mechs to give you the advantage, which makes it the ultimate medium line mech on the battlefield today.

You trust us because we deliver the best

[Mechwarrior of Fortune Magazine, June 3060 edition]

The last chapter in the history of Rykesin Industries occurred today when the company filed for bankruptcy. Its Solaris city planet was forced to close after failing to secure enough orders to secure production of its sole product the medium weight battlemech the Ryksein RYK-1SW. This custom produced, little known model had spun few heads but had had a decent run inside the cages on the gladiatorial world of Solaris. That was until the mech was first used outside of the sterile environments of Solaris combat domes were its apparent design flaws became well known. Its susceptibility to dust, dirt, mud and a host of other design flaws left its reputation in tatters which was only worsened when the truth was found out that it had been designed by recent graduates of New Earth's Odeon University who had been without practical mech design experience. The company CEO Erain Niss is being sued by the 14 mercs that bought his design. His current whereabouts are unknown as he disappeared shortly after a press conference given to his disgruntled customers. Most of the remaining models have had to be extensively and expensively refitted by their owners which has resulted in a widespread collection of weapon configurations which has caught a number of green mechwarriors with their pants down on the battlefield.

MOF Combat Report

The only confirmed action reports of this mech where by Chenny's Chainsaws a six-mech merc unit under contract in the chaos march. During a Cappellan attack the Chainsaws were forced from their regular lines of repair and supply and had to fend for themselves. Subsequently the Chainsaws Ryksein pilot had to abandon his machine after repeated breakdown and was captured by the Cappellan's.

Tech:Inner Sphere / 3058
Config:Biped BattleMech
Rules:Level 2, Standard design
Mass:45 Tons
Chassis:Ryksein OneGamma
Powerplant:225 VOX Fusion
Walking Speed:54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed:83.2 km/h
Jump JetsNone
Jump Capacity0 metres
Armor Type:EarthWorks Mark VI ferro-fibrous

2 Sunglow Large Lasers
2 Holly Streak SRM 4
2 Martell ER Medium Lasers

Manufacturer:Ryksein Industries
Communications System:Sipher Security Plus
Targeting & Tracking System:Hartford S2000A

Kumo KUM-1


The Kumo is the modern day sibling, of one of the oldest vehicle designs ever produced in the Inner Sphere. The Alliance Advanced Defense Technologies (AADT) OUTRIDER OTR-1 buggy was a cheap, weapon capable all terrain hopper used by the old Terran Alliance Marine units for light transport duties, supported scouting and paramilitary usage in the earliest days of interplanetary travel. Not only where thousands produced for military use but thousands more for civilian and corporate owners.


The Kumo KUM-1 is a newly developed specialized military-usage version of the civilian model Volvo Voyager produced by Ford-Volvo Manufacturing on the planet Salem in the Federated Suns. For a long time the Ford-Volvo model Voyager has had a highly deserved reputation for reliability and adaptability in civilian usage where upon it won a Salem Planetary Militia procurement contract for a militarized all terrain vehicle with anti-mech and supported scouting capabilities. This new model, the Kumo, carried a Kenington Arms ultra light rotary autocannon which gave it massive firepower and range for such a small vehicle. Most of the other competing designs mounted only short-range missiles or machine guns, which the Kumo easily trounced in tests. Its top speed of 118 kph is faster than most mechs, although it cannot outrun scouting vehicles the top speed was considered adequate given that it was never intended to be an unsupported scout. The end result was the Kumo, which would have gone unnoticed by the Davion military except for the onset of the civil war.


On the first of April 3063 forces loyal to Archon Katherine Steiner landed on Salem and proceeded to the capital city of Charmrville. The unit, two lances of mechs from the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry with armor and infantry support had expected an easy victory as the local militia lacked mechs with only a company of LRM and SRM launches for defense, they however forgot about the Kumo. Its Kenington Arms ultra light rotary autocannon outraged the 8th Deneb's light mech weapons and using its superior speed and massive rate of fire dealt out a frightening weight of lead upon the invaders in a classic hit and run action. By the time the enemy had reached the militia's LRM Launcher's defensive line the 8th's mechs had taken so much damage that they fled back to their dropship and never returned. This became known as the famous Witch's April Fool Battle after the Salem Planetary Militia's insignia.

Once the Davion regulars heard about the Kumo's actions they were rightly impressed and ordered it for the regular forces loyal to Victor Davion. Kumo's saw action throughout the middle and latter periods of the civil war earning a reputation as a tough light-scouting vehicle.


The only drawback of the Kumo was the use of a fusion powerplant which was required due to the long range-scouting requirement. This massively increased the overall cost of the design. Ford-Volvo Manufacturing is intending to produce an internal combustion version of the Kumo with a slightly reduced speed.

The Kumo KUM-2 version is identical to the KUM-1 except it includes a much more capable and costly Alison "planetary" communications suite.

Type/Model:Kumo KUM-1
Tech:Inner Sphere / 3060
Config:Wheeled Vehicle
Rules:Level 2, Standard design
Mass:25 Tons
Powerplant:155 Nissan Fusion
Walking Speed:75.6 km/h
Maximum Speed:118.8 km/h
Armor Type:Budget Arms "Cheapo" 50

1 Kenington Arms ultra light rotary autocannon

Manufacturer:Ford-Volvo Manufacturing
Communications System:Budget Arms "HaveSuite"
Targeting & Tracking System:Budget Arms "wideband" 7800

BloodHawk BLM-1SW


The BloodHawk BLM-1SW is a design marred in controversy, Its producer Alliance Industries refuses to release data on the aerospace fighters development history. This whilst not unusual as most manufacturers never release such information bodes ill for the Draconis Combine as up to four years ago:-

There was not a single post-3025 design produced in the Outworlds Alliance. There was not a single advanced weapon produced in the Outworlds Alliance. The Alliance had not created an indigenous weapon system in over five hundred years.

How did the Outworlds Alliance a state which has been on a slippery slope towards a purely agrarian economy for centuries suddenly create an advanced piece of equipment which is as good if not better than any existing Inner Sphere design.


The BloodHawk lies at the lower end of the heavy weight fighter class and has a somewhat slow speed when compared to Inner Sphere and especially clan fighters. Its weapon array consists of twin forward pointing Alliance Industries "Third Power" Large Lasers mated to twin Alliance Industries "Smooth Bore" light autocannons, ammunition for these autocannons is held inside the wings. Two Alliance Industries "Duel" missile packs are located in the nose. And quite unusual for a fighter of this weight, the BloodHawk has twin rear firing Alliance Industries "Special Second Power" ER medium lasers.

Which results in quite a lot of firepower but is somewhat "weak" when compared in aerial combat with other designs in the heavy weight category. It is in the air to ground role where this fighter excels. Studies suggest that not only can it strike at ranges outside most mechs and ground vehicles it can do so repeatedly due to its large ammunition load. Due to this, most analysis consider the BloodHawk to be a "ground strike" fighter rather than an "interceptor".

The communications system and the targeting computer are unknown at this time, further data is needed before a correct analysis can be performed.

The BloodHawk BLM-1SW has as yet seen combat.


At this time it is unknown who built this design. It's certainly not a bunch of pacifistic farmers who can hardly build tractors let alone aerospace fighters. We are currently investigating three theories: -

1) That it is FedCom developed : Unlikely due to their ongoing civil war.
2) Developed by clan exiles. We have been getting reports that Clan exiles have appeared on independent worlds near to the OA. The name BloodHawk is certainly an unusual name for the Outworlds Alliance to give to its latest fighter but is similar to many names given to clan mechs and fighters. It could be that these clan exiles have traded information including this design, for other goods from the Outworlds Alliance.
3) That the Outworlds Alliance has traded this design from an unknown fraction who are attempting to cover their tracks by using Alliance Industries as cover. This could possibly be Clan Diamond Shark who seem willing to sell weapons to anyone who has the money.


Currently data is inconclusive; more information is required before a conclusive analysis can be attempted. That this design may of been influenced by clan thinking is a dire warning of things to come.

Type/Model:BloodHawk BLM-1SW
Tech:Inner Sphere / 3067
Config:Aerospace Fighter
Rules:Level 2, Standard design
Mass:60 Tons
Powerplant:240 Lithium Special
Safe Thrust:6
Maximum Thrust:9
Armor Type:Unknown

2 Alliance Industries "Third Power" Large Lasers
2 Alliance Industries "Smooth Bore" light autocannon
2 Alliance Industries "Duel" missile packs
2 Alliance Industries "Special Second Power" Medium Lasers

Manufacturer:Alliance Industries
Communications System:Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System:Unknown

Third Place: Hawkeye

Nuada NDA-1SW

Capabilities: The Nuada is mainly a medium-range mech. Although the class 1A Gauss Rifle provides a strong long-range punch, the firepower is concentrated in the 400 to 700 meter range. The combined firepower of four DS-4 ER Medium Lasers can deal a lot of damage, but the lack of heat sinks causes a problem. When heat becomes too much of a problem, the pilot can switch over to the Rotary AC/5 and the Delta Dart manufactured Streak SRM 4. The firepower of the Nuada is impressive, but the heat can be a bit overwhelming.

Development: As the Fed-Com civil war raged on, Victor Steiner-Davion realized the need for a wider variety of Battlemechs. Several designs were brought forth, and quickly put into production. One of these was the Nuada. Few problems surfaced and the Nuada was given a impressive weapons loadout (at the sacrifice of internal armor and speed, which would ultimately prove fatal) By mid March, the Nuada was in its final stages of tests, and by November was in service. Despite those who were opposed to it because of the lack of speed.

Field History: The Nuada was quickly employed on the front, but few warriors accepted its presence. They mainly preferred their own custom mech. As losses of mechs increased, many pilots had to accept the new model. Soon after, pilots realized its potential on the field and the Nuada became a very popular model. Its abilities allowed it to come out victor in odds of three to one. Then, in the midst of its glory, the Nuada lost all of its reputation. On the planet of Odessa, the Federated Suns, on peace mission, was attacked. The Suns forces began to push the defense off the planet. In a pass (later known as Bloodpool) the Suns trapped the retreating forces. But to their surprise, the defenders had set up a trap of their own. The Suns mechs were showered with Arrow 4 artillery missiles and aerospace fighter bombings. Most of the quicker mechs got out, but almost all the slower mechs were totaled. 60% of the mechs were Nuadas. When the salvage crews had a chance to inspect the damage, the found that the weak internal armor had set off ammo explosions, killing the pilot. If the pilot survived the blast, radiation poisoning from the reactor killed him later. After that incident, the Nuada lost all of its previous reputation it had gained. Now, few pilots still use the design, but few rely on it because of the Odessa accident.

Manufacturer: Tharhes Industries
Location: New Syritis, Federated Commonwealth
Communications System: Tharhes Euterpe HM-14
Targeting & Tracking System: Tharhes Ares-8A

Ryksein RYK-1SW

Capabilities: The Ryksein is a well-rounded medium-range mech. The combined firepower of the DS-5 ER Medium Lasers and the two Streak SRM 4 can provide quite a punch. The RT-7 class Large Lasers allows the Ryksein to engage at long range until it can open fire with the Medium Lasers and SRM’s. With the Rykseins speed and firepower, this combination creates quite a quick strike mech.

Development: The history of the Rykseins wasn’t known until recently. Mainly because the Rykseins were exclusive only to the Wolf Dragoons. Even then the records show that this technology was actually received from the Bandit cassette, which is full of all the Clan rejects. Closer examination of the Ryksein shows an uncanny resemblance to the Shadow Cat chassis. The legs, arms, and body designs are very similar in certain areas.

Even the weight matches the Shadow Cat. For these reasons, many conclude that the Ryksein is actually a modified version of the Shadow Cat. In some Dragoon mechplants old Shadow cats are modified to Rykseins, but they’re mostly built from scratch. When first starting to construct Rykseins, the Dragoons had many problems with the fusion reactor, mainly because the engine created too much heat. When the problem was finally corrected, the Ryksein rolled of the assembly for the first time in the InnerSphere.

Field History: The Ryksein has not seen much action in its New World, but those who have encountered it have not lived to tell the tale. The Dragoons usually put the Rykseins in wolfpacks of four. These hunter killer groups are a deadly addition to the Dragoon force. Their speed, weapons, and armor are the three key factors in the Rykseins success.

When the war against the Smoke Jaguars began, the Ryksein was put into action. It was sent on hit and run missions mostly. These were so successful that the Jaguars supplies were cut badly. Most of the time the Jag forces retreated offplanet. The Dragoons are mostly neutral now, and the Rykseins doesn’t see as much action as they used to.

Manufacturer: Defiance Industries
Location: Skye, Lyran Alliance
Communications System: Garret T19-G
Targeting & Tracking System: Wasat Aggressor Type 5

Bloodhawk BLH-1SW

Capabilities: The weapons loadout on this aerospace fighter is quite a shock. Weighing only sixty tons, the Blood hawk contains quite an array. With its combination of missles, projectiles, and energy weapons can deal quite a blow to any foe. Strafing is one of the Bloodhawks main purposes. Though it provides excellent cover for dropships during landing procedures. The two Awal-5 class LB 2-X AC’s are the Bloodhawks main array, even though they are a light class of autocannon. When you take an overall view of the Bloodhawk, you see that this bird can pack a punch.

Development: As the Jade Falcons continued to show aggression, the Lyran Alliance came to the conclusion that a direct assault on their domain was needed to stall the Falcon’s talon. One of the problems presenting itself was the safe coverage of their dropships. Clan Omnifighters outnumbered and outgunned their InnerSphere counterparts. Older, outdated designs were now upgraded and revised but most of them were too weak to support the newer systems. A few however, could operate properly, and an even smaller fraction performed very well. One of these, christened Bloodhawk, performed well as a tactical fighter. As the final touches were being made, the Lyran intentions turned towards the Fed-Com civil war. Designed for use against the Omni-fighter the Lyrans had a new weapon to use against the Federated Suns.

Field History: With the Bloodhawk having been designed for other uses, it made a formidable opponent against its InnerSphere cousins. The tide of the war quickly changed as the Bloodhawk was employed into service. This new fighter caught the Suns off guard. About 50% less casualties were occurring in planetary assaults. The Suns fighters could not get close enough to the Lyran dropships. The Bloodhawk eventually proved its superiority over Omnifighters. In a skirmish outside a zenith jump point, Bloodhawks went up against Omnifighters with the odds of 3 to 10, and were victorious. Over time though, enemy pilots learned to adapt their skills to add the Bloodhawk to their kill list, and the Bloodhawk went on as being just a normal fighter.

Manufacturer: Defiance Industries
Location: Skye, Lyran Alliance
Communications Systems: Global G5-7
Targeting & Tracking Systems: Arrow 92-H

Kumo KUM-1SW

Capabilities: The Kumo is deadly in its own way. Its single Rotary AC2 provides excellent defense against infantry. Otherwise, it is defenseless against mechs, tanks, and fighters.

Development: After the defeat of the Smoke Jaguars, the Draconis Combine began to rebuild all that was lost to them. One thing they had to focus on was the local militia on planets. Poor defense was one way the Jaguars were able to penetrate so far into Draconis territory. When the Kumo began, it used a VOX 225. A switch was made to improve speed, and a 155 Nissan was placed instead. Afterwards, a series of never-ending problems began. Poor shielding in the engine caused minor poisoning of the drivers. More armor was added to correct the problem, but the weapons loadout was decreased. Techs finally decided to use one, big gun instead of several smaller ones. The downside was that armor had to be decreased. When all the kinks were worked out, the Kumo finally rolled of the Draconis assembly line.

Field History: Reinforcing bases once defenseless, it was a while before the Kumo could prove itself. The chance came when the Ghost bears were awakened. Slowly creeping out of their cave, the Kumo was put through the ultimate test. Dc high command was very displeased with the Kumo’s results. The light armor and weak weaponry showed through. Even light damage to a Kumo could knock it out of service. Though their effectiveness against infantry could not redeem itself. Clan soldiers feared the Kumo (nicknamed “lightning death”) its shells pumping hot lead into their ranks. After the Bears were halted, DC command ordered less production of the Kumo. Finding its expense more than the payoff, the Kumo was almost completely halted. It was saved when the Alshain Avengers launched their own personal war with the Bears, resulting in full-scale war. Since that event, every vehicle has been put into production, including the Kumo.

Manufacturer: Luthien Armor Works
Location: Luthien, Draconis Combine
Communication Systems: C3 Network
Targeting & Tracking Systems: RADCOM TXX

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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