DSC Armory & TRO
Submission Guidelines

-All submissions must be in either BattleMech Designer, Heavy Metal(Pro, Aero, Vee, Lite), DSC Vehicle Editor, or plain text formats.
-All designs must have adequate fluff text, describing at the minimum the capabilities of the design. Notable MechWarriors, design history, etc. are encouraged but not required.
-All designs must be legal according to FASA's construction rules. All designs using Level 3 technology and/or construction rules must be clearly identified as such.

Further, all submissions for the TRO must meet the following specifications concerning images:
-Minimum one full size image with a maximum image size of 640x480 pixels, .JPG format preferred.
-There is no specified maximum number of pictures that can be displayed, but the DSC TRO administration reserves the right to limit the number on a case-by-case basis.
-All images must be ORIGINAL. Any images submitted with a design must be an original work by the artist/'Mech designer. Images created for other designs in a commercial product will not be accepted. Images BASED on an original work will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

DropShipCommand Armory and TRO Contacts

DSC Armory Contact: Shrike

DSC TRO Contact: Perrin42