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Geryon Superheavy Tank


Mass: 150 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: GM 300
Engine Type: Fusion
Cruise Speed: 21.2 km/h
Flank Speed: 32 km/h
Armor: DSC Standard Plate OR SWI Standard Plate
   1 Sarlon Maxicannon Class 10 AC
   1 Defiance Mech Hunter AC/20 OR SWI Reaper AC/20
   2 Exostar Heavy Lasers
   2 SperryBrowing Machine Guns
   2 LFN Linblad Machine Guns

Manufacturer: Silverwolf Industries (Longbow), DSC Armory (Prosperpina)
Communications System: SWI CS Mk X Special
Targeting & Tracking System: DSC BattleTrak

In 3029 two competing manufacturers began work on the largest battletank the Inner Sphere had seen. Intended to fulfill the same role as the massive Behemoth heavy tank, this vehicle would weigh in above 100 tons. Skeptics said it couldn't be done, but both firms began quietly developing designs that were dubbed 'superheavy tanks.' By 3034 neither company had come up with a working prototype and the efforts were plagued with engineering issues. By now, the development was a little less secret as informants for both firms had leaked the information. Deciding collaboration would be more lucrative than competition, and seeing the programs heading for a dead end, the manufacturers chose to hold a design conference in hopes that it would yield their desired superheavy tank. Late 3036 saw a group of DSC Armory engineers and technicians meet with the Silverwolf Industries superheavy project team at Silverwolf's headquarters on Longbow. After much debate and brainstorming, the Armory team left with the blueprints to produce their superheavy, while SWI began retooling the factory to build their own prototype.

Weighing in a full 50% heavier than the Behemoth, the Geryon is quite a sight on the battlefield. While the large tank won't set any speed records with the GM 300 fusion engine, it can at least keep pace with the smaller Behemoth. While it may not be very mobile, the Geryon is a massive weapons platform. Twenty tons of armor plate cover the beast, which leaves it carrying more armor than even the mighty Atlas. Armament was definitely not sacrificed for protection either, considering the Geryon carries over forty-eight tons of weaponry. The primary armament is a single SarLon Maxicannon mounted in the turret. This is the same autocannon that is found, in pairs, on the Zhukov and Behemoth tanks and has a proven track record. While the range isn't as long as a PPC or LRM rack, the SarLon provides the Geryon with consistent damage at medium engagement ranges. For additional punch, a Defiance Mech Hunter class 20 autocannon is mounted on the front hull. Such a large gun allows the Geryon to tear apart targets at closer ranges. The Defiance autocannon was eventually decided upon by the DSC Armory, while Silverwolf prefers to use their own SWI Reaper AC. This change is likely due to shipping problems from Hesperus across the Inner Sphere to Silverwolf. To add additional protection for the slow moving Geryon, a pair of Exostar heavy lasers were installed in sponsons on either side of the tank. These sponsons offer the Exostars are 180 degree arc of fire to each side of the vehicle, should any unit attempt to outflank it. Rouding out the armament are a pair of front mounted SperryBrowing miniguns while the sides each carry a LFN Linblad minigun to discourage infantry assaults.

Geryons are found in small numbers across the inner Sphere. They are generally deployed as a central element in a defensive formation and supported by units mounting longer range weaponry such as PPCs or long-range missiles. It has also gained popularity for its shock value in Chaos March if not for its combat effectiveness.

Type: Geryon Superheavy Tank
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 3
Movement Type: Tracked
Tonnage: 150

Equipment Mass
Engine: 300 Fusion 28.5
Cruise MP: 2
Flank MP: 3
Internal Structure: Standard 30.0
Heat Sinks: 18 8
Turret: 1.5
Sponsons: 1.0
Control Equipment: 15.0
Lift Equipment: 0.0
Power Amplifier: 0.0
Armor Factor: 320 20.0
Internal Armor
Structure Value
Front: 15 60
Front Right: 15 50
Front Left: 15 50
Rear Right: 15 35
Rear Left: 15 35
Rear: 15 30
Turret: 15 60

Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Mass
AC/10 Turret 0 12.0
AC/20 Front 0 14.0
Large Laser R Sponson 8 5.0
Large Laser L Sponson 8 5.0
Machine Gun Front 0 0.5
Machine Gun Front 0 0.5
Machine Gun Right 0 0.5
Machine Gun Left 0 0.5
Ammo-AC/10 Body 0 3.0
Ammo-AC/20 Body 0 5.0
Ammo-Machine Gun Body 0 2.0

Vehicle Cost: 13,402,500 C-Bills

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