Phalanx PLX-45M
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Phalanx PLX-45M

Phalanx PLX-45M

Phalanx PLX-45M

Phalanx PLX-45M

BattleMech Technical Readout

Phalanx PLX-45M
Mass: 55 tons
Chassis: A.C.E. Type XIB Endo Steel
Power Plant: VOX 330 XL
Cruising Speed: 64.8 km/h
Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 180 meters
Armor: A.C.E. Type 3 Medium
2 Blazefire Sweetshot ER Large Lasers
2 Blazefire Longshot ER Medium Lasers
1 Sword
Akula Corporate Engineering
Communications System: Garret 500A
Targeting & Tracking System: Garret T11b

The Phalanx PLX-45M was designed in 3061 by Akula 
Corporate Engineering for House Marik.  The design 
specifications called for a mech that could engage 
enemies at long range, but also have a crippling physical 
attack capability.  The Phalanx met the design 
requirements by mounting extended range lasers and a 


The Phalanx is a capable though often temperamental 
mech.  The main culprit behind all problems that have 
plagued the Phalanx are associated with the VOX 330 XL 
Fusion reactor.  The engine tends to be finicky, and its 
placement in the torso makes it hard to do routine 
maintainence or repairs.

The Phalanx is however a fine line mech when operating 
at peak efficiency.  The Blazefire Sweetshot ER Large 
Lasers that form its main armament have proven to be 
both reliable and accurate.  The Phalanx also carries one 
forward facing and one rear facing Blazefire Longshot ER 
Medium Laser to round out its energy weapons 
compliment.  However, the most devastating weapon 
available to the mechwarrior is the massive sword carried 
in the mech's right hand.  This weapon can deliver 
crushing blows to enemies that get too close.

The Phalanx is armored with 10.5 tons of A.C.E. Type 4 
Medium armor, which gives it ample protection to close 
the gap between itself and enemy mechs.  The armor and 
speed of the mech ensure that it will arrive to engage and 
enemy mech in physical combat, where it can do the most 
devastating damage.


The Phalanx has only recently completed combat trials in 
the Free Worlds League, and is currently beginning its 
production run.  Already, several lances worth of 
Phalanxes have been deleivered to House Marik, and 
have been deployed to units guarding the border with the 
Cappellan Confederation.  The Knights of the Inner 
Sphere have also recieved several Phalanxes and are 
integrating them into their ranks.

While not surprising, it is worrisome that a number of 
Phalanxes have been seen in the ranks of Word of Blake. 
While it is certain that these units were provided to them 
by House Marik, the number that have been seen given 
the mechs recent move to operational status is alarming.  
Most of the Phalanxes seen in service with Word of Blake 
seem to be assigned to permanent duty on Terra, as no 
Word of Blake Phalanx has been seen elsewhere in the 
territories under that factions control.
Type: Phalanx PLX-45M
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2 Custom
Tonnage: 55

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure:ES 3.0
Engine:330 XL12.5
Walking MP:6
Running MP:9
Jumping MP:6
Heat Sinks:14 [28]4.0
Armor Factor:168 10.5
Center Torso:1825
Center Torso (Rear):8
R/L Torso:1318
R/L Torso (Rear):6
R/L Arm:916
R/L Leg:1323

BV : 1444 Cost : 12147040
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Jump Jet(s) RL10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) LL10 0.5
2 Jump Jet(s) RT20 1.0
2 Jump Jet(s) LT20 1.0
ER Medium Laser CTR15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LT15 1.0
ER Large Laser LT212 5.0
ER Large Laser RT212 5.0
Sword RA40 3.0