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Crimson Eagle

Crimson Eagle

BattleMech Technical Readout

CRM-1 Crimson Eagle

Mass: 55 tons
Chassis: DSC-Eagle MKVII Endo Steel
Power Plant: DAV 275 XL
Cruising Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: DSC Proto Weave Ferro-Fiberous

1 DSC-Blue Bolt PPC
2 Diverse Optics Medium Pulse Lasers
1 Diverse Optics ER Medium Laser
1 Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle

DSC armory Solaris VII
Communications System: DSC Tac Trans
Targeting & Tracking System: DSC HuntsMan Ultra


Created to fill both the roles of Garrison mech and 
hunter-killer support unit, the Crimson Egale is a marvel of 
modern engeneiring. Replaceing the ageing Hollander as 
the premeir medium support unit the Crimson Eagle is 
quickly becomeing a common site in the Inner Sphere.

The first Crimson Eagle was build by hand in a labratory at 
the Solaris VII facility. Being such a versitile solidly build 
mech the questionis raised as to its designs origens.
Mounting the lighter but bulkyer Extra light engine this 
mech can acheive speeds of 86Kph and more. Nine tons 
of ferro fiberous armor molded to an endo steel chassis 
weighing only three tons gives this mech considerable 
armor protection and a vast amount of additonal tonage 
for weapon payload.
Instead of wasteing space with a number of smaller 
weaponry as its main armorment the Crimson Eagle mounts 
two heavy hitting weapons, one energy based and one 
ballistic. The Energy based heavy hitter is a standard DSC 
Blue Bolt PPC. This weapon mounted in the left arm 
makes for some serious damage to whatever it hits. 
Backing up this heavy particle cannon is a Polan main 
model A Guass rifle, mounted in the right arm, the massive 
weapon has two tons of ammunition a total of 16 shots 
keeping it supplyed with ammo for some time. 
While many may think these are the only weapons the 
mech mounts they simply didnt get close enough for the 
pilot to need to bring to bear the mechs secondary 
weapons. Twin Medium pulse lasers situated in the mechs 
Center torso along with an Exstended range Medium laser 
in the head make this mech formidable at any range.

An unsponsored design by the DSC armory the Crimson 
Eagle was produced as a pure revenue mech avalable for 
purchase to any who could aford it. Many of these mechs 
have found homes in every house army and a number of 
Mercinarys units. Units like the Eridian light horse and 
Wolfs dragoons feild this mech regularly.
There are also some unsubstantiated reports of an IIc 
version of the mech feilded by more than one clan.
Type: CRM-1 Crimson Eagle
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2 Custom
Tonnage: 55
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: ES 3.0
Engine: 275 XL 8.0
Walking MP: 5
Running MP:
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 10 0.0
Gyro: 3.0
Cockpit: 3.0
Armor Factor: 161 FF 9.0
Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head: 3 8
Center Torso: 18 24
Center Torso (Rear): 8
R/L Torso: 13 17
R/L Torso (Rear): 5
R/L Arm: 9 17
R/L Leg: 13 22

BV : 1140 Cost : 10022818

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Heat Mass
PPC LA 3 10 7.0
Gauss Rifle RA 7 1 15.0
Medium Pulse Laser CT 1 4 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser CT 1 4 2.0
ER Medium Laser H 1 5 1.0
@Gauss Rifle (16) RT 2 0 2.0