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LRF-8B Longrifle

LRF-8B Longrifle

LRF-8B Longrifle

LRF-8B Longrifle

BattleMech Technical Readout

LRF-8B Longrifle
Mass: 65 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: Nissan 260
Cruising Speed: 43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Starshield
1 Corean Light Gauss Rifle
2 Imperator Smoothie-2 Autocannons
1 Magna Mk III Heavy Laser
Corean Enterprieses (Stewart)
Communications System: Corean TransBand-J9
Targeting & Tracking System: Corean B-Tech

Corean Enterprises executives laid out plans in early 3059 
for a battlemech design to take advantage of their new 
breakthrough in weaponry, the light gauss rifle.  The 
Longrifle Project was originally intended as a line 
battlemech to compete with the Warhammer, however, 
design and procurement problems forced the initial 
prototypes to be scrapped in favor of a fire-support model.


Despite the selection of the fire-support prototype, the 
Longrifle still bears some attributes of the original plan for 
a line battlemech.  The reinforced skeleton for the chassis 
is bulky due to the incorporation of endo-steel construction 
techniques, but the overall profile is very small for a 
sixty-five ton battlemech.  Many fire-support mechs do not 
bother with maintaining a small profile, as they are rarely 
intended to engage in direct combat.  Engineers felt that 
the reduced profile could only benefit the Longrifle and 
therefore chose to use the XIV chassis instead of the 
proposed XIV-b.  The chassis is covered by ten tons of 
Starshield plate, which is more than adequate protection 
for a support mech considering contemporaries such as 
the Rifleman, Catapult, and Jagermech.  Armor for the 
chassis was actually decided upon before the final 
decision for a prototype.  Ten tons was chosen to make 
direct competition with the Warhammer, which also carries 
ten tons of armor plate.

To ensure the Longrifle would have an advantage in 
range, Corean developed a weapons package to allow it 
to engage targets at very extreme distances.  Falling off at 
over seven-hundred meters, the Longrifle does not lack 
reach with its Corean light gauss rifle.  Intended as the 
focus of the weapons package, the light gauss rifle can 
deliver respectable damage well outside the range of 
many other weapons systems.  With two full tons of 
ammunition, the Longrifle has an adequate supply for 
sniping at targets outside of standard engagement 
envelopes.  Supporting the new light gauss rifle are a pair 
of Imperator Smoothie-2 light autocannons.  Not very 
common among battlemechs, the light autocannon are 
ideal weapons to support the light gauss rifle.  Boasting a 
maximum range just under that of the main armament, and 
with enough rounds for sustained fire for three minutes, 
the Smoothie-2s make a nice addition to the weapons 
complement on the Longrifle.

A point of contention among the design team, the Magna 
Mk III Heavy Laser wraps up thw weapons package.  
Many team members argued that the Longrifle should 
carry several medium lasers instead of the larger Magna, 
however, senior team members successfully argued that 
the heavy laser provided better support for a battlemech 
that should not stray too close to combat.  Citing the 
several battles where Whitworth pilots attempted to finish 
off foes after expending their missile stores, only to be 
defeated in close, they did not want the same temptation 
for pilots of the Longrifle.


Currently involved in combat trials, the Longrifle is 
awaiting deployment with several units in the Free Worlds 
League.  Some analysts predict that if the trials go well, 
the Longrifle will be sent to Free Worlds League units to 
replace the venerable Rifleman.  Whether being fielding 
alongside the Rifleman, or replacing it, the Longrifle is still 
several months away from deployment as designers 
continue to conduct trails on the design.  Spokesmen for 
Corean have stated that they plan for an aggressive 
marketing campaign within the Free Worlds League, as 
this newly developed design comes in well under the costs 
of newer battlemechs.
Type: LRF-8B Longrifle
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2 Custom
Tonnage: 65

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure:ES 3.5
Engine:260 13.5
Walking MP:4
Running MP:6
Jumping MP:0
Heat Sinks:100.0
Armor Factor:160 10.0
Center Torso:2123
Center Torso (Rear):8
R/L Torso:1517
R/L Torso (Rear):6
R/L Arm:1015
R/L Leg:1522

BV : 1010 Cost : 5684526
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Autocannon/2 RA11 6.0
Autocannon/2 RA11 6.0
Large Laser CT28 5.0
Light Gauss Rifle LA5112.0
@Autocannon/2 (45) RT10 1.0
@Light Gauss Rifle (16) LT10 1.0
CASE RT10 0.5
CASE LT10 0.5

Thanks to Shrike for fluff and manufacturer information.