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BattleMech Technical Readout

Mass: 65 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: 325 XL
Cruising Speed: 54.0 km/h
Maximum Speed: 86.4 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 150 meters
Armor: Ferro-Fibrous
18 tons pod space
2 LRM-10 racks
4 Machine Guns
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown

Appearing in only very small numbers among the invading 
Clans, very little is known about the omnimech referred to 
as "Tigershark" by our adversaries.  The amount of fixed 
equipment is unusual for an omnimech, thus our 
intelligence suggests it might possibly be an older design, 
few of which remain in service.


A strange combination of speed and firepower, the 
Tigershark seemingly defies the conventions of the sixteen 
omnimechs we are currently familiar with.  Taking full 
advantage of advanced constructions materials such as 
extra-light engines, Endo Steel internal structure, and 
Ferro-Fibrous armor, it would suggest that this design is 
fairly new.  However, unlike other omnimechs, it carries a 
good portion of its armament not in pods, but as a 
conventional weapons package.  With a top speed of 86 
kph and eleven tons of Ferro-Fibrous plate, the 
performance is certainly on par with other Clan omni 
designs.  Yet, integral jump jets, paired LRM systems, and 
a quartet of machine guns set it apart from the others.

The configuration that was commonly seen in the few 
encounters with the Tigershark has it carrying an 
extended-range particle cannon as the primary weapons 
system.  Coupled with the integral missile racks, this 
version can deliver damage at long ranges.  With the 
addition of three medium pulse lasers and a Streak SRM 
missile pack, the Tigershark also has little problem 
dispatching opponents as the battle moves into 

The configuration, dubbed Configuration A, carries a pair 
of extended-range large lasers in a similar fashion to the 
Clan Mad Cat.  Like the Mad Cat, the Tigershark A has no 
problems engaging at extreme ranges with missiles and 
lasers.  Inner Sphere units are advised to close distance 
quickly as they will be at a marked disadvantage at 
stand-off distances.  It should be noted, however, that 
Configuration A also carries a pair of large Streak missile 
packs for close in work, thus any advantage you try to 
seek at close ranges may be offset by the accurate SRM 

Configuration B appears to be an alternative to the 
common configuration, replacing the particle cannon with 
a rapid-fire autocannon.  The volume of fire from the 
autocannon allows it to inflict more damage than the 
particle cannon over the same period of time, yet this 
configuration is hampered by apparently limited ammo 
supply for the main weapon.  Additional firepower is 
provided here by another Streak SRM pack as well as a 
pair of extended-range medium lasers.  

Obviously intended for long-range work, the Configuration 
C mounts a pair of light LBX autocannon to battle at 
extreme range.  Rather than load up on further 
long-ranged weaponry, such as more missile racks, this 
configuration carries further short-range firepower in the 
form of three extended-range medium lasers and a pair of 
SRM-6 packs.  It is cautioned that should you try and 
close with this long-range sniper, pilots be wary of the 
short-range battery.

Configuration D is definitely identified as a long-range 
support unit, carrying a pair of large LRM-20 racks in 
addition to the fixed LRM-10s.  While ammunition appears 
to be in short supply for these missile racks, this 
configuration can fight on at medium ranges with a pair of 
extended-range medium lasers and a pair of medium pulse 


Very few Tigersharks have been encountered as of 3052, 
it appears as though the Clans are not producing the 
design in any great numbers.  One theory proposed by our 
intelligence division is that the Tigershark is an older 
design that has since been passed over for the more 
common heavy omnimechs of the Clan militaries.  The lack 
of a fully pod mounted weapons array seems to lend itself 
well to this theory.
Type: Tigershark
Technology Base: Clan Custom
Tonnage: 65

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure:ES 3.5
Engine:325 XL12.0
Walking MP:5
Running MP:8
Jumping MP:5
Heat Sinks:10 [20]0.0
Armor Factor:211 FF11.0
Center Torso:2132
Center Torso (Rear):10
R/L Torso:1523
R/L Torso (Rear):7
R/L Arm:1020
R/L Leg:1530

Fixed Configuration
BV : 1311 Cost : 17616503
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
LRM-10 RT14 2.5
LRM-10 LT14 2.5
@LRM-10 (12) RT10 1.0
@LRM-10 (12) LT10 1.0
Machine Gun RT10 0.3
Machine Gun RT10 0.3
Machine Gun LT10 0.3
Machine Gun LT10 0.3
@Machine Gun (100) CT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) CT10 1.0
2 Jump Jet(s) RT20 2.0
2 Jump Jet(s) LT20 2.0

Primary Configuration
BV : 2473 Cost : 18783878
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
ER PPC RA215 6.0
Medium Pulse Laser LA14 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser LA14 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser LA14 2.0
Streak SRM-6 LA24 3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LA10 1.0
2 Dbl Heat Sink(s) RA40 2.0

Alternate Configuration A
BV : 2315 Cost : 19080878
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
ER Large Laser RA112 4.0
ER Large Laser LA112 4.0
Streak SRM-6 RA24 3.0
Streak SRM-6 LA24 3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) RA10 1.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LA10 1.0
Dbl Heat Sink(s) RA20 1.0
Dbl Heat Sink(s) LA20 1.0

Alternate Configuration B
BV : 2162 Cost : 18911753
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Ultra AC/10 RA4310.0
@Ultra AC/10 (20) RA20 2.0
ER Medium Laser RA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
Streak SRM-6 LA24 3.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LA10 1.0

Alternate Configuration C
BV : 1912 Cost : 19016940
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
LB 2-X AC RA31 5.0
LB 2-X AC RA31 5.0
@LB 2-X AC (45) RA10 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
SRM-6 LA14 1.5
SRM-6 LA14 1.5
@SRM-6 (15) LA10 1.0

Alternate Configuration D
BV : 2396 Cost : 19245878
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
LRM-20 RA46 5.0
LRM-20 LA46 5.0
@LRM-20 (6) RA10 1.0
@LRM-20 (6) LA10 1.0
ER Medium Laser RA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
Medium Pulse Laser RA14 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser LA14 2.0