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Sklabos Class



Ships in Class: 5
CDS Saving Grace, CDS Silent Stalker, CSR Raven's Nest, CW Anarchy, CW Chaos

Class: Corvette
Tech: Clan
Introduced: 3049
Mass: 328,000 tons
Length: 390 metres
Sail Diameter: 695 metres
Fuel: 1,000 tons
Tons/Burn-day: 39.52
Safe Thrust: 2
Max Thrust: 3
Sail Integrity: 3
KF Drive Integrity: 8
Structural Integrity: 30
  1 Heavy Naval Gauss Cannon
  2 Medium Naval Gauss Cannons
  2 Naval Laser 55s
  128 Extended Range Small Lasers
  12 Large Pulse Lasers
  60 tons Heavy NGauss ammo (150 rounds)
  40 tons Medium NGauss ammo (80 rounds)


The Sklabos, pronounced sklävos, class corvette serves as a heavy resupply ship. Sklabos means slave in Byzantine Greek, and the name aptly describes the ship's function. The first ship was designed when Clan Wolf's Dreadnought was seen to have a cargo deficiency.

Until recently, the Sklabos was not used for the function it was designed for. When the CW Dreadnought was finally finished in 3052, it was mothballed, and this made the Sklabos' function in Clan Wolf's navy limited. The Sklabos class does not mount any Dropship collars, so the only function it could be used for is patrol duties, an assignment it was never designed for. Instead of maintaining a ship that would be operating outside of specifications, the two ships were loaned to other Clans.

The CW Chaos was loaned to Clan Diamond Shark to assist moving salvage from Tukayyid back to the Clan home worlds after their military was shattered in the epic battle. The CW Anarchy was loaned to Clan Snow Raven in return for repairing the CW Dire Wolf years earlier. As a result, by the time the ships were returned to Clan Wolf in 3064, Clan Snow Raven had built three copies of the ship. Clan Diamond Shark liked the design so much that they bought two of the ships from Clan Snow Raven.

The Sklabos is fairly well armed for a ship its size, but it is not very fast. It carries 10 small craft to transfer its cargo between ships, but it does not carry any fighters. Its armament is mainly geared toward antifighter weaponry, which helps make up for the CW Dreadnought's near lack of them.

Heat Sinks: 326 (652)
Cargo: 102,214 tons
  Bay 1: 10 Small Craft (2 doors)
  Bay 2: 100,000 tons Cargo (10 doors)
  Bay 3: 2,214 tons Cargo (4 doors)
Dropship Capacity: 0
Grav Deck: 1 (60 metre diametre)
Escape Pods: 18
Life Boats: 0
Crew: 76 Crew, 7 Officers, 25 Flight Operations Personnel
  Armour is Lamellor Ferro-Carbide
  Lithium-Fusion Battery

Armor Factor: 233
Fore: 46
Fore sides: 38
Aft sides: 38
Aft: 35

Weapons and Ammo Location Type Tonnage Heat
1 Heavy Naval Gauss Cannon Fore NGauss 7000 18
2 Naval Laser/55 Fore NLaser 2200 170
2 Large Pulse Laser Fore Pulse 12 20
16 ER Small Laser Fore Point 8 32
1 Medium Naval Gauss Cannon FL NGauss 5500 15
16 ER Small Laser FL Point 8 32
1 Medium Naval Gauss Cannon FR NGauss 5500 15
16 ER Small Laser FR Point 8 32
5 Large Pulse Laser LBS Pulse 30 50
15 ER Small Laser LBS Point 7.5 30
5 Large Pulse Laser LBS Pulse 30 50
15 ER Small Laser RBS Point 7.5 30
15 ER Small Laser AL Point 7.5 30
15 ER Small Laser AR Point 7.5 30
20 ER Small Laser Aft Point 10 40

Ship Cost: 33,023,666,672
FASA Ship Cost: 305,026,726,000