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Sabre Class

Sabre Class

Sabre Class

Sabre Class

Sabre Class

Class: Military Aerodyne
Use: Assault Ship
Tech: Clan
Introduced: 3062
Mass: 1,900 tons
Length: 73 meters
Width: 43 meters
Height: 31 meters
Fuel: 250 tons
Tons/Burn-day: 1.84
Safe Thrust: 8
Max Thrust: 12
Structural Integrity: 16
  4 ER PPCs
  8 ER Large Pulse Lasers
  3 Gauss Rifles
  12 ER Medium Lasers
  5 Streak LRM 20s
  2 Streak SRM 6s
  3 Laser Antimissle Systems
  4 Antimissle Systems


In 3061 following Operation Bulldog, the Duke of Koniz secretly gave Clan WIE an enclave in the Koniz system in gratidude for our commitment in protecting his world. The enclave consisted of a habital moon orbiting a Gas giant, and some mineral rights to the asteroid belt. While very generous Koniz never had the resources available to take advantage of this territory. This proved to be an excellent location to build our ship yard because the moon was located far from prying eyes and only had quick access from a few pirate jump points that we could patrol. Since we do not have the resources to build warships we concentrated on a warship repair facility and dropship and fighter construction. Our first new fighter the Stormblade is under going trials and is a high performace heavy fighter.

While mech transports are always needed a more immediate concern is the expanding Lyran navy, and their growing hostility to us. After reviewing their newest assault dropship the Claymore, and the newest Clan dropship the Noruff we have quickly put into full production the Sabre Class assult dropship, designed to stand toe to toe with either ship and blow then to atoms.

General specifications such as size, armor, cargo, crew, speed, are the same as the Noruff. While the total tonnage of weapons is similar, the Sabre carries fewer weapon systems, but has more advanced and accurate weapons. This was seen as a good trade off. Another important difference with the Sabre is the all the direct fire weapons are turret mounted which allows the crew to bring overwhelming firepower in any firing arc, as you can see in the scematic diagrams above.

After seeing the total war mentality of the Lyran troops, and the way they treat civilians we have heavily committed the Koniz shipyard to enhancing our space forces, in an effort to stop Lyran troops from ever landing on Arc Royal or any other ARDC world. The Lyrans have shown time and time again they do not deserve Safcon. Starting in 3062 there are now 10 Sabres in the fleet, and 5 more in final construction. We have also built 3 new Titan class dropships, and 5 new Carrier class dropships. Both are very power space combatants even without their fighters. And most important of all the Koniz Shipyard is nearing completion of the refitting and repair of the Shadow Wolf. The McKenna Class Battleship Shadow Cat- Flagship of the Smoke Jaguars that was secretly turned over the the Wolves in Exile by Prince Victor following the Great Refusal. This was done because with the loss of Earth ComStar did not have the ability to repair the vessel, he did not want to turn it over to this sister, and to balance the scales because all the nations units that went to Huntress virtually had full clantech equipment refits from captured equipment.

Heat Sinks: 96 (192)
Cargo: 132tons
  Bay 1: Cargo (1 Door)
  Bay 2: Cargo (1 Door)
  Bay 3: Cargo (1 Door)
Escape Pods: 2


Armor Factor: 130
Fore: 45
Fore sides: 25
Aft: 35

Weapons and Ammo Location Type Tonnage Heat
4 ERPPC Nose PPC 24 60
3 Gauss Rifle Nose Gauss 36 3
3 ER Medium Laser Nose Laser 3 15
1 Streak SRM6 Nose SRM 3 4
4 AMS Nose Point 2 4
4 ER Large Pulse Laser LW Pulse 24 52
2 Streak LRM 20 LW LRM 20 12
4 ER Medium Laser LW Laser 4 20
4 ER Large Pulse Laser RW Pulse 24 52
2 Streak LRM 20 RW LRM 20 12
4 ER Medium Laser RW Laser 4 20
1 ER Medium Laser Aft Laser 1 5
1 Streak SRM 6 Aft SRM 3 4
1 Streak LRM 20 Aft LRM 10 12
3 Laser AMS Aft Point 4.5 36