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PRA-1SW Preta

PRA-1SW Preta

PRA-1SW Preta

PRA-1SW Preta

Mass: 30
Class: Aerospace Fighter
Power Plant: 240
Engine Type: Fusion
Safe Thrust: 108 km/h
Max Thrust: 162 km/h
Armor: Standard
   ER Medium Laser
   ER Medium Laser

Manufacturer: Silver Wolf Industries
Communications System: SWI CS Mk III-A
Targeting & Tracking System: SWI CS Mk II-A


The Preta is designed as a multi-purpose light fighter craft. This design was intended for atmospheric as well as space use and test pilots commented on how maneuverable the 30 tonner proved to be in sub-orbital flight. As with their other fighter designs, Silver Wolf Industries placed a premium on speed. The Preta matches the best in its class, matching speeds with the long produced SparrowHawk and Sholagar series of fighters. Its twin enhanced range lasers give it almost 40% more damage potential than either of the older designs however.

Well armored for itís mass, the Preta is envisioned as in in-fighter that brings down craft itís own size while getting in close behind larger fighters and wearing them down until they break off from their objective to chase the nimble Preta. Unless deployed in large numbers, the light weight Preta would have trouble destroying most decent sized DropShips however.

The engineering team that produced the first prototypes didnít do the sales department any favors when the cockpit atmospheric system failed on numerous test flights, requiring the pilots to rely on their environmental flight suits for air and heat until they could return to the air base. Although the problem is reportedly resolved for the production run, it is rumored that S.W.I.ís test pilot cadre still refer to the PRA-1SW as the "flying meat freezer". Silver Wolf Industries undoubtedly hopes that customers come to think of it as a solid weapon for the price.

Type: PRA-1SW Preta
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2
Class: Aerospace Fighter
Tonnage: 30

Equipment Mass
Engine: 240 Fusion 11.5
Safe Thrust: 10
Max Thrust: 15
Structural Integrity: 10 0.0
Heat Sinks: 10 DHS 0.0
Control Equipment: 3.0
Sensors: 0.0
Life Support: 0.0
Landing Gear: 0.0
Fuel: 400 5
Armor Factor: 136 8.5
Fore: 40
Right Wing: 34
Left Wing: 34
Aft: 28

Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Mass
ER Medium Laser Right Wing 5 1.0
ER Medium Laser Left Wing 5 1.0

Vehicle Cost: 1,433,245

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