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Eis Katze (Corvette)

Eis Katze (Corvette)

Eis Katze (Corvette)

Class: Corvette
Tech: Star League
Introduced: 2735
Mass: 120,000 tons
Length: 1,000 meters
Sail Diameter: 800 meters
Fuel: 4,500 tons
Tons/Burn-day: 39.52
Safe Thrust: 3
Max Thrust: 5
Sail Integrity: 3
KF Drive Integrity: 4
Structural Integrity: 60
  16 ER Large Lasers
  16 ER PPCs
  30 Medium Pulse Lasers
  16 Anti-Missile Systems
  4 Medium Naval PPCs
  140 tons AMS ammo


Arctica Orbital Shipyard Inc. built the EisKatze in 2735. The company, a part of a small but wealthy pro Starleague periphery state, received the order for several EisKatze corvettes with the threat of war looming on the horizon. It is not known how many ships were actually constructed, at least two. One went to the periphery state navy for anti-pirate uses, while the other was given to the Starleague army for playing a hand in the ships design and construction. It was called to be a light transport carrier and the command craft for the smaller Periphery State’s Navy. The luxurious living quarters were built to house their royal family, servants, advisors, colleagues and any number of people. Its interior is set up in the fashion of a palace. Two large gravity decks house recreational facilities for the entire crew and guests. Fifty escape pods provide enough room for the ships entire capacity of 300 crew and passengers.

The EisKatze has enough fuel to burn at maximum speed for over 45 days, and enough to burn at 1 G for 113 days. The ships gigantic cargo bay can be accessed through the two main doors, while the ship’s 12 small craft are held inside two much smaller compartments. The warship can also has docking facilities for two DropShips and often uses them to help transport personnel and vital supplies.

The EisKatze was designed on a principle of defense rather than offense. Amalgamated Metal provided AOS Inc. with the large amounts of Ferro-Carbide alloy that went into the ships armor plating, allowing the ship to take a large amount of damage before suffering a hull breach. The EisKatze’s structural integrity was a work of art, matching strength with warships more than 5 times its weight. For added protection, the EisKatze mounts 16 anti missile systems with 140 tons of ammunition. To reduce maintenance costs, the AMS is the only system that requires ammunition. The Eiskatzes 3 remaining bay doors hold up to eighteen aerospace fighters, along with the 16 ER PPCs, 16 ER large lasers and 30 medium pulse lasers provides the EisKatze with a formidable defensive screen. If anyone were to penetrate these defenses and board the ship two lances of powered armor marines are stationed on board to ward off intruders.

A local arms manufacturer as a special project furnished the main guns for the EisKatze. The set of four medium naval PPCs was designed for ease of maintenance, and thus has a very simple bulky design. The particle projector coils and emissions tube, while weighing within accepted design perimeters, extend for almost a fourth of the ship’s length. The four main cannons can unleash incredible amounts of firepower for a ship of its size, but at a cost. The heat generated by the main guns is almost as much as all the other weapons combined.

Some criticized the design for its mass. Even if it has a good amount of firepower for its weight, it was the smallest warship ever designed. With its engines average speed, the ship was condemned as not maneuverable enough to take advantage of its size. However, the producers were not daunted. Knowing that it was called to be little more than a well armed and armored JumpShip production went on schedule.

The EisKatze first saw combat near the beginning of the Amaris Civil War. While being plagued by raids from the neighboring Rim Worlds State, the small government received word from one of their spies that the Rim Worlds State was planning a huge raid on one of their mining outposts in a neutral system. Maya’s Icebox Navy jumped into a pirate jump point that sat right in the path of the enemy’s fleet. Seizing the opportunity, the admiral in command moved to intercept and engaged the enemy force before they were fully prepared. The battle was an incredible success as the EisKatze had managed to destroy several DropShips before they were able to mobilize their entire defense force. However, by the time the EisKatze had been repaired the civil war erupted.

The small but wealthy periphery states navy and army fought with the Starleague army against Amaris’ forces, but when Kerensky left the InnerSphere they vanished as well. Most believe they disbanded their forces when the Starleague dissolved, but some scholars believe they left with Kerensky.

Heat Sinks: 554 (1,108)
Cargo: 13,319 tons
  Bay 1: 18 fighters (3 doors)
  Bay 2: 12 small craft (2 doors)
  Bay 3: cargo (2 doors)
Dropship Capacity: 2
Grav Deck: 2 (100,130)
Escape Pods: 50
Crew: 86
Max Total Passengers: 300
  Armor is Ferro Carbide

Armor Factor: 144
Fore: 40
Fore sides: 35
Aft sides: 34
Aft: 31

Weapons and Ammo Location Type Tonnage Heat
4 NPPC Nose NPPC 7200 540
3 ER PPC Nose PPC 21 45
3 ER Large Laser Nose Laser 15 36
5 Medium Pulse Laser Nose Pulse 10 20
3 AMS Nose Point 1.5 3
2 ER PPC FL PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser FL Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser FL Pulse 8 16
2 AMS FL Point 1 2
2 ER PPC FR PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser FR Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser FR Pulse 8 16
2 AMS FR Point 1 2
2 ER PPC LBS PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser LBS Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser LBS Pulse 8 16
2 AMS LBS Point 1 2
2 ER PPC RBS PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser RBS Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser RBS Pulse 8 16
2 AMS RBS Point 1 2
2 ER PPC AL PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser AL Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser AL Pulse 8 16
2 AMS AL Point 1 2
2 ER PPC AR PPC 14 30
2 ER Large Laser AR Laser 10 24
4 Medium Pulse Laser AR Pulse 8 16
2 AMS AR Point 1 2
ER PPC Aft PPC 7 15
ER Large Laser Aft Laser 5 12
Medium Pulse Laser Aft Pulse 2 4
AMS Aft Point 0.5 1

Vehicle Cost: 25,164,404,320