HRA-2 Horsearcher
Dropship Command Armory HRA-2 Horsearcher

Author: andrew510

BattleMech Technical Readout

HRA-2 Horsearcher
Mass: 40 tons
Chassis: Panzer Biped
Power Plant: Ford 240
Cruising Speed: 64.8 km/h
Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: DSCA Model 180m
Jump Capacity: 180 meters
Armor: DSCA 3-5 Standard
1 DSCA Model K Large Laser
4 DSCA Model Z Small Lasers
1 Holly SideWinder SRM-6 Pack
DSC Armory
Communications System: Harvard-C
Targeting & Tracking System: Harvard-B


The Horsearcher was born in 3029. as the 4th sucession
war raged, the Free Worlds League sent out a specs for a
battlemech that could operate for extended amounts of
time in FedCom territory. the contract was won by the
DSCA, a small company with a reputation for lightweight
mechs. the Companys marik plants would produce the
Horsearcher, as these plants where massive Vehicle
Factorys that produced mechs, Aerospace, and other
vehicles. both are on Kendall.


the Horsearcher is used by House Marik only, and is
deployed in large numbers on the FWL/CapCon border. it
is also deployed in small numbers in the center of Free
Worlds League territory.

Known Varients:

there are 2 varients, the HRA-2X that adapts the 'mech to
long range combat by replacing the Large Laser with an
LRM-5 and 3 tons of ammo, and the HRA-3C, a varient
that optimizise the 'mech for heavy short range combat by
replaceing the Small Lasers witha SRM-2 and 1 ton of
inferno ammo.

Comstar Update, 3058:

In 3056, the DSCA shocked the Inner Sphere when it
signed a deal with the Lyran Alliance to sell them
Horsearchers. the designs used today however are
differnt then there predacures, mainly by speed or
weapons, nothing like total redisigns, such as the new
revisions of classic 'mechs like the Rifleman.
Type: HRA-2 Horsearcher
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 1 Custom
Tonnage: 40

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 4.0
Engine:240 11.5
Walking MP:6
Running MP:9
Jumping MP:6
Heat Sinks:100.0
Armor Factor:56 3.5
Center Torso:129
Center Torso (Rear):3
R/L Torso:105
R/L Torso (Rear):2
R/L Arm:65
R/L Leg:107

BV : 588 Cost : 3651200
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Jump Jet(s) CT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) RT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) RT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) LT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) LT10 0.5
Jump Jet(s) CT10 0.5
Small Laser LA11 0.5
Small Laser LA11 0.5
Small Laser LA11 0.5
Small Laser LA11 0.5
SRM-6 RA24 3.0
@SRM-6 (15) LT10 1.0
@SRM-6 (15) LT10 1.0
Large Laser RA28 5.0