ZXS-2 Zalmoxis
Dropship Command Armory ZXS-2 Zalmoxis

Author: Rogue

BattleMech Technical Readout

ZXS-2 Zalmoxis
Mass: 45 tons
Chassis: Endo Steel
Power Plant: GM 270 XL
Cruising Speed: 64.8 km/h
Maximum Speed: 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets: GM Jetstar
Jump Capacity: 180 meters
Armor: Standard
1 LRM-20 (18)
3 ER Medium Lasers
NovaStar Armaments
Communications System: NS Comm IV with Guardian Electronic Countermeasures
Targeting & Tracking System: NS Starlight III

     The ZXS-2 Zalmoxis is an upgrade to the original 
ZXS-1.  This variant is five tons heavier and carries jump 
jets.  The Zalmoxis is named for the little known Greek god 
of immortality.  It is designed primarily as a fast fire support 
mech.  It can deploy suppresion fire very quickly to where 
ever it is needed.
     The Zalmoxis's main weapon is its torso mounted 
LRM-20.  It carries three tons of ammunition and its use of 
Atremis IV lets it use them to great effect.  It also carries a 
trio of ER medium lasers to deal with anything that gets too 
close.  Its defensive capabilities include a Guardian ECM 
suite.  This allows it to escape undetected after it delivers 
its lethal volley of missiles.
     The first production models of this mech have been 
shown to be an excelent alternative to slower and bulkier 
fire support mechs.  In excersises, they have proven to be 
difficult to hunt down and destroy while still accomplishing 
their mission.
Type: ZXS-2 Zalmoxis
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2 3058
Tonnage: 45

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure:ES 2.5
Engine:270 XL 7.5
Walking MP:6
Running MP:9
Jumping MP:6
Heat Sinks:10 [20]0.0
Armor Factor:112 7.0
Center Torso:1416
Center Torso (Rear):5
R/L Torso:1115
R/L Torso (Rear):4
R/L Arm:710
R/L Leg:1112

BV : 1324 Cost : 8813390
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
LRM-20 RT5610.0
@LRM-20 (18) LT30 3.0
Guardian ECM Suite LT20 1.5
Artemis IV FCS RT10 1.0
ER Medium Laser RA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser LA15 1.0
ER Medium Laser H15 1.0
3 Jump Jet(s) RT30 1.5
3 Jump Jet(s) LT30 1.5
CASE LT10 0.5