AWS8-O Awesome
Dropship Command Armory AWS8-O Awesome

Author: Shrike

BattleMech Technical Readout

AWS8-O Awesome
Mass: 80 tons
Chassis: Technicron Type G Enhanced
Power Plant: Pitban 240
Cruising Speed: 32.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Durallex Heavy Special
42.5 tons pod space
DSC Armory (Keystone)
Irian Battlemech Unlimited (Irian)
Communications System: Garret T19-G
Targeting & Tracking System: Dynatec 2780

The Awesome has always been a slow and sturdy low-end
assault battlemech.  Over the years, a number of
variations of the Awesome have been produced, including
the drastic change in the AWS-9M.  While the speed
wasimproved, the -9M became a relatively expensive
machine due to the advanced engine technology used to
push it faster than the older model -8Q.  Seeing how
newer Awesomes may be out of the price range of
mercenary groups and smaller factions, especially in the
Chaos March, the DSC Armory worked out an
arrangement with Irian Battlemechs Unlimited to produce
an advanced Awesome that would come in under the
price of the -9M.  Irian would provide the schematic data
for the old AWS-8Q in return for production rights to the
new model Awesome.  Irian had one stipulation, however,
the new Awesome must utilized advanced technology in
some form in order to make it attractive to their regular
buyers.  As a result the DSC Armory laid down the
AWS8-O Awesome omnimech.

In the era before the coming of the Clans, the AWS-8Q
was known for its lumbering power and stability on the
battlefield.  While it was a bit slower than other mechs of
its weight, the difference was made up in firepower and
durability.  Working off the schematics of the -8Q, Armory
engineers wanted to maintain this aspect of the Awesome.
While this would leave the new Awesome a bit slower
than many heavier designs, it kept the cost down by
avoiding the expensive extra-light engine.  Reworking the
Technicron frame with Endo Steel structure and upgrading
the heat sinks to double strength freezers, the AWS-8Q
chassis was just aching for a devestating weapons load.

Like the other omnimech redesigns the Armory has
produced, the Primary configuration is intended to feel
similar to the other models of the Awesome so pilots can
adjust to the new design relatively quickly.  The torso
mounted Kreuss PPCs are still present with this redesign,
as new extended range models we're tested and
generated far too much heat to be easily vented by the
8-O.  The Kreuss weapons are reliable and battle proven,
and can still provide respectable firepower to 540 meters.
Instead of a third particle cannon, the Primary mounts a
massive Zeus Slingshot gauss cannon in the right arm.
The newer gauss weapon allows the 8-O to make up for
some of the range sacrificed by the Kreuss PPCs and
provide additional damage at long range.  Carrying three
full tons of gauss slugs, the 8-O is almost certain to have
no problems slugging it out at long range with outher
assault mechs.  While the -8Q doesn't mount much of
supporting armament, the Primary configuration manages
to carry a nasty surprise for smaller mechs that think they
are safe under the range of the Awesome's long range
weapons.  A cluster of medium lasers and medium pulse
lasers is mounted along with the Kreuss PPCs to deter
smaller mechs from trying to close with the big machine.
Some pilots are expected to every turn some of these
lasers to fire to the rear to try any dissuade flanking

Taking the same step as the -8R and -8T models, the
Alpha configuration replaces the Kreuss PPCs with Zeus
LRM-15 racks slaved to the Artemis IV system.  With the
addition of long range missiles and the replacement of the
Zeus Slingshot with a Fusigon Longtooth extended range
particle cannon, the Alpha is defnitely built for a long range
fight.  Each LRM rack holds two tons of ammunition in a
CASE enclosed bay to protect both pilot and mech from
ammo explosions.  Like the Primary, the Alpha carries
additional short range weaponry, this time in the form of
paired Tronel PPL-20 large pulse lasers.

Awesome's were never built to be city-fighters, yet the
Bravo configuration promises to be just that.  Mounting a
massive Kali Yama Big Bore class 20 autocannon in the
right arm, the Bravo can lay down massive amounts of
firepower at short range.  Two full tons of ammo are
provided for the large cannon in a CASE enclosed bin
which allow for a respectable amount of time on the
battlefield.  The Kreuss model PPCs are presentonce
again in the Bravo, but this time they are supported by a
pair of Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Streak
SRM-6 launchers each with a ton of missiles.  The
launchers promise to maximize ammo efficiency and
provide supporting damage to the large autocannon,
though procurement may be dificult as they must be
shipped from the Draconis Combine.  Luckily, the Armory
maintains a good relationship with Guided Technologies
on Proserpina, so they may not be completely difficult to
obtain if a deal can be established.

The final configuration, the Charlie, is the now standard C3
command configuration that is found on many of the
Armory omnis.  To take advantage of the C3 network, the
Awesome relies on the long range power of the Zeus
Slingshot gauss cannon and the medium range support of
four Magna Mk III large lasers.  This weapons package
can deliver devestating amounts of firepower, but suffers
from some heat issues when firing the large lasers in quick

There has been no word as to when the AWS8-O will
begin to emerge from the Irian production lines, but the
DSC Armory Keystone factory is retooling to produce a few
8-Os specifically for the Draconis Combine.  It is expected
that most of the Irian production will be purchsed by either
the Free World League or SLDF.  DSC Armory officials
have not been forthcoming as to their production plans for
the 8-O, but should they begin production, it is expected
that they will put the design up for general sale.
Type: AWS8-O Awesome
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2 Custom
Tonnage: 80

Equipment Mass
Internal Structure:ES 4.0
Engine:240 11.5
Walking MP:3
Running MP:5
Jumping MP:0
Heat Sinks:11 [22]1.0
Armor Factor:240 15.0
Center Torso:2530
Center Torso (Rear):19
R/L Torso:1724
R/L Torso (Rear):10
R/L Arm:1324
R/L Leg:1733

Fixed Configuration
BV : 892 Cost : 7,123,500 C-Bills
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass

Primary Configuration
BV : 1520 Cost : 9,602,214 C-Bills
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Gauss Rifle RA7115.0
@Gauss Rifle (16) RA20 2.0
@Gauss Rifle (8) RT10 1.0
PPC RT310 7.0
PPC LT310 7.0
Medium Laser RT13 1.0
Medium Pulse Laser RT14 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser RT14 2.0
Medium Laser LT13 1.0
Medium Pulse Laser LT14 2.0
Medium Pulse Laser LT14 2.0
Small Laser H11 0.5

Alternate Configuration A
BV : 1370 Cost : 10,367,214 C-Bills
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
ER PPC RA315 7.0
Large Pulse Laser RT210 7.0
Large Pulse Laser LT210 7.0
LRM-15 RT35 7.0
LRM-15 LT35 7.0
Artemis IV FCS RT10 1.0
Artemis IV FCS LT10 1.0
@LRM-15 (16) RT20 2.0
@LRM-15 (16) LT20 2.0
Small Laser H11 0.5
CASE RT10 0.5
CASE LT10 0.5

Alternate Configuration B
BV : 1461 Cost : 9,800,214 C-Bills
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Autocannon/20 RA10714.0
@Autocannon/20 (10) RT20 2.0
PPC RT310 7.0
PPC LT310 7.0
Streak SRM-6 RT24 4.5
Streak SRM-6 LT24 4.5
@Streak SRM-6 (15) RT10 1.0
@Streak SRM-6 (15) LT10 1.0
Small Laser H11 0.5
CASE RT10 0.5
CASE LT10 0.5

Alternate Configuration C
BV : 1509 Cost : 12,212,214 C-Bills
Weapons and AmmoLocationCriticalHeatMass
Gauss Rifle RA7115.0
@Gauss Rifle (16) RA20 2.0
Large Laser RT28 5.0
Large Laser LT28 5.0
Large Laser RT28 5.0
Large Laser LT28 5.0
C3 Computer RT50 5.0
Small Laser H11 0.5