Vehicle Technical Readout
Armadillo II Seige Tank

Author: Nugget

Mass: 100
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: 200
Engine Type: Fusion
Cruise Speed: 21.2 km/h
Flank Speed: 32 km/h
Armor: Ferro Fibrous with CASE
   2 Large Laser
   Anti-Missile System
   3 Vehicle Flamer
   6 SRM-4

Communications System:
Targeting & Tracking System:

The Armadillo Siege Tank is the Atlas of tanks. With an unprecedented amount of armor and an impressive weapons array, enough to keep even assault mechs wary, this tank is the ultimate ground holder.

The Armadillo was designed to fill the need for a tank that is able to hold its own against superior forces, including mechs, in offensive operations and defensive situations.

With an unheard of 20.5 tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor, the Armadillo has more protection than even the heaviest of mechs and a full 15% more armor than the thick skinned Sturmfeur missile tank. For even more protection an Anti-Missile system is mounted on top of the main turret with two tons of ammunition and all the ammunitions carried by the Armadillo is protected by CASE. This gives the Armadillo an unparalleled level of protection and makes it almost invincible.

For weapons the Armadillo's turret mounts an deadly PPC and a LRM 20 for long range firepower, supported by twin racks of SRM 6's, In addition to this each side of the Armadillo mounts an impressive array of short range weapons consisting of 4 SRM's and a vehicle class flamethrower.

The LRM 20 carries three tons of standard ammunitions and a further two tons of thunder mines for added defensive capabilities. These mines can be replaced with swarm ammunitions for offensive mission. The twin racks of SRM 6's are fed by a combined bin of three tons of standard ammunition. The SRM 4's are fed through separate bins consisting of 3/4 standard ammunition and inferno rounds. These inferno rounds greatly assist the Armadillo when inside an enemy fortification. Each flamethrower can fire up to 10 bursts keeping enemy infantry more than 150 meters from the tank lest they be incinerated.

To carry the enormous weight of armor placed on the Armadillo a second track is installed on each side. This also helps if the tank enters a mine field. Driving these tracks is a 200 rating fusion engine which carries a fully loaded Armadillo along at a slow 21 kph cruise and a maximum of 32 kph flank. This makes the Armadillo one of the slowest of tanks and stops it from giving chase to fleeing enemies but designers were satisfied with that because that was not what the Armadillo was designed for.

Battle History

No Armadillos have seen service yet but the Draconis Combine has expressed an interest in the tank and may place an order soon to help defend against the Ghost Bears.

Known Variants

Two variants have been produced along side the primary configuration.
The Armadillo II mounts twin Large lasers, a LRM 15 and twin SRM 4's in place of the primary turret weapons. The LRM 15 has three tons of standard ammunition but only one ton of thunder mines and the Anti-Missile system only has one ton of ammo. The twin SRM 4's use the standard ammunition as those mounted on the sides giving the side mounted SRM's a total of 10 volleys each and the turret mounted, 17 volley's. The turret-mounted racks do not use the inferno rounds. All other items remain the same found on the original.

The Armadillo III mounts the enormous Gauss rifle in place of the PPC and downgrades the LRM to a 10 pack and the SRM's to 4's. The LRM has two tons of standard ammo and one ton of thunder mines, the Gauss rifle has three tons of ammo, and the SRM's are outfitted the same as the Armadillo II. The vehicle flamethrowers are replaced by medium lasers on all sides except the rear where the flamer is replaced by a small laser. The Armadillo III mounts a further 1/2 ton of armor on top of the already impressive armor rating. All other items are the same as the primary version.

Type: Armadillo II Seige Tank
Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2
Movement Type: Tracked
Tonnage: 100

Equipment Mass
Engine: 200 Fusion 13.0
Cruise MP: 2
Flank MP: 3
Internal Structure: Standard 10.0
Heat Sinks: 16 6
Turret: 2.5
Control Equipment: 5.0
Lift Equipment: 0.0
Power Amplifier: 0.0
Armor Factor: 367 FF 20.5
Internal Armor
Structure Value
Front: 10 85
Right: 10 74
Left: 10 74
Rear: 10 49
Turret: 10 85

Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Mass
Large Laser Turret 8 5.0
Large Laser Turret 8 5.0
Anti-Missile System Turret 0 0.5
LRM-15 Turret 0 7.0
Vehicle Flamer Front 0 0.5
Vehicle Flamer Rear 0 0.5
Vehicle Flamer Right 0 0.5
Vehicle Flamer Left 0 0.5
SRM-4 Front 0 2.0
SRM-4 Rear 0 2.0
SRM-4 Right 0 2.0
SRM-4 Left 0 2.0
SRM-4 Turret 0 2.0
SRM-4 Turret 0 2.0
Ammo-Vehicle Flamer Body 0 2.0
Ammo-Anti-Missile System Body 0 1.0
Ammo-SRM-4 Body 0 3.0
Ammo-SRM-4 Inferno Body 0 1.0
Ammo-LRM-15 Body 0 3.0
Ammo-LRM-15 Thunder Body 0 1.0

Vehicle Cost: 6,162,667

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