DropShipCommand Armory and TRO
Archive 2 - 8/12/2002 - 2/16/2003

Design added

-Roadrunner R1
by BeerRunner.

Design added

-Shishiku SHS-1SW
by Perrin42.

No update this week
Today at 9:00am Eastern time the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed by a catastrophic accident during reentry. Although nothing could be truly adequate, today I would like to pause and honor the memories of the brave astronauts that lost their lives. Regular updates will resume next Sunday.

The Space Shuttle Columbia - April 14th, 1981 - February 1st, 2003

Design added

by BeerRunner.

Design added

-Ryksein RYK-1SW
by WildWeasel.
The final fluff contest winner by Wildweasel. Let's give him a round of applause!
Further, you can check out all of our contest winners here. Congratulations to them all!

HMPOmni Update
Version .21 of HMPOmni is now available, correcting a number of minor issues with the initial release. Check out the software section for details and downloads.

New Software
If you've created OmniMechs in HeavyMetal Pro, then you know how painful it can be to display your designs on the web or on message boards. Well, this fan-created software can help you out. It will combine the HTML or text output files of your Omnimech variants into a single file that's much more useful for display purposes. Check out our software section for more details.

Design added

-Bloodhawk BLH-1SW
by WildWeasel.
Another fluff contest winner by Wildweasel.

Designs added
Well, due to technical difficulties with the server I was unable to get the update made on time. To make it up to you I'm posting the first two contest winners by WildWeasel. Check out his writing skills below.

NDA-1SW Nuada

KUM-1 Kumo

Design added

-Tennyson TNS-1B
by Billybones.

Contest winners!
Happy Holidays everyone. Today there are a few people getting a special gift - the winners of our fluff contest!
First Place: WildWeasel
Second Place: TeamKiller
Third Place: HawkEye
Check back later this week for the winning entries. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Design added

-Zealot ZEL-6T
by WildWeasel and Khan Aidan Hall.

Design added

-Gaki GKI-1SW
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

Design added

-Black Asp
by Akula.

-Also, only three days left in the contest. Time to get things finished up and mailed in.

Contest update
-Only 5 days left in the contest. Better get writing and get those submissions sent in. Someone's going to win those prizes - why shouldn't it be you?

Design added

-Nova Wolf
by WildWeasel and Khan Aidan Hall.

-And don't forget about the contest. Only 10 days left.

Fluff contest!

Are you good at writing fluff for BT designs? Do your deployment histories rival Stackpole and Coleman in sheer scope? Do your notable mechwarriors bring tears to the eyes of everyone who reads them? Well, here's your chance to show off your skills and maybe even win some fabulous prizes in the process. Check out the contest details here. You only have until December 11th, so get out there and get writing!

Design added

-Wolfkiller MCT-1D1
by WildWeasel and Khan Aidan Hall.

Design added

-Chariot CRT-12
by Snow_Cheetah.

Design added

-Celestial Dragon CTDRG-EB50-A
by Head Hunter 001.

Design added

-Colossus CLS-J2
by Worktroll.

Design added

-Gremlin GR1
by BeerRunner.

Design added

-Gae Bolg GBL-1SW
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

Design added

-Chiron CHR-1SW
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

Design added

by Momaw.

Design added

-Hopper HPR-1SW
by Perrin42 and Denise.

Design added

-Cetan CTN-1SW
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

Design added

-Half-Cat [Croatan] HCT-1SW
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

Design added

by Shrike.

Credit where credit is due
I have finally updated the Level 3 design page to provide proper attribution for the War Wolf and Battlehammer. These designs were done by Star Col. Kyle Kerensky, so feel free to e-mail him and let him know what you think of his designs.

Design added

-Xerxes XRX-1SW
by Perrin42 and Phelan.

Link added
Added a link to Classic BattleTech, Fantasy Productions' official Classic BattleTech site.

Design added

-CAM-A1 Camelot
by Warder.

A New Look and New 'Mechs

As you may have noticed, we have done a minor redesign of the site. We have merged the DSC Armory and TRO into one combined site making this your one-stop spot for custom BT designs. If you're looking for designs with artwork, check out the TRO section at the left - we've got 114 and counting. If artwork isn't a big deal, check out the Armory section of the site - there are some great designs in there as well.

Of course, we're always looking for new designs - we intend to put up at least one new 'Mech per week, so we're going to need your submissions. If you have a design that you're proud of, send it in. Designs with artwork and fluff will be added to the TRO, designs with fluff but no artwork will be added to the DSC Armory - I'm sure there are a lot of great things out there, so please don't hesitate to send them in to either Shrike or myself.

New Designs:

-BSK-1SW Basilisk
by Perrin42 and WorkTroll.

-LRF-8B Longrifle
by Perrin42 and Shrike.

Design added

- Added the IN1-A Intruder to the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Heavy section. Only a year or so late.