DropShipCommand Armory and TRO
Archive 1 - 3-29-2001 - 10-15-2001

- 10-15-2001:
A New Home

As you may have noticed, the DropshipCommand TRO has a new home at TRO42.com, along with the DropshipCommand Armory. We have a lot more webspace now, so we can get your submissions up again. I thank you for your patience while we are bringing the site up to date. There may be broken links while we update the site, please bear with us.

I'd also like to note that this site is under new management. Perrin is taking a break so Shrike will be handling TRO affairs at this point. I'd like to commend Perrin on an excellent job with this project, hopefully I can keep it running and of the same caliber as Perrin has made it.

- 5-20-2001:
General update (and booth babes).

I just got back from E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you'd like to see and read about all sorts of new games like MechCommander 2, new technologies, and most importantly booth babes, stop by DropShipCommand or GamesMania.

Also, I have approximately 15 'Mechs in the works for the next update. Please bear with me as I try and recover from screwing up my own Windows 2000 installation. I still have everything that was mailed to me, so don't worry about that. I'll try to get at least one new design posted each day. Thanks for your patience.

- 4-24-2001:
Special custom mini offer.

We at DSC are having a custom mini made of the heart of PaleRider's UberUrbie Brigade, the UberUrbie - Quad Urbanmech LAM. These are going to be produced only in limited quantities, so they will almost definitely be collector's items.

The mini will appear as follows:

(Image removed)

If you are interested in acquiring one of these miniatures for $35, please send me an e-mail at Perrin@DropShipCommand.Com. Thank you for your support.

- 4-23-2001:
Designs added!
- Added the RBT-1P Rabbit Punch to the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Light section.
- Added the ARA-1S Aura to the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Medium section.
- Added the BRZ-1 Bronze to the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Heavy section.
- Added the HCK-7L Hector to the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Assault section.
- Added the Wolfling to the Clan Level 2 - Medium section.

- 4-11-2001:
Designs added!
- Added the TBR B-6 Templar to the Vehicles - Wheeled section.
- Added the MFV-C2 Nimrod/MFV-I2 Bushmaster to the Vehicles - Hover section.

- 4-8-2001:
DSCA Reopens!
The DropShipCommand Armory has reopened, with a new look and new submission guidelines. You can check it out here.

- 4-4-2001:
Design and artwork updates
- 3 items added to the Picture Gallery: Roadblock, Shrike - Wireframes, and Perrin - Wireframes.
- Added "NTP-N3 Antipode" to the Inner Sphere Level 1 - Assault section.
- Updated the "OSR-11A Osiris" in the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Assault section.
- Updated the "SLG-1SW Slingshot" in the Inner Sphere Level 2 - Medium section.

- 4-1-2001 (Part 2):
Update Available for DSC Vehicle Editor
Version 1.1 of the DSC Vehicle Editor is available for download. Please see the software page for details.

- 4-1-2001:
The TRO is open to the public!
Let the festivities commence!

- 3-29-2001:
The TRO is ready for publication!
That's right folks, the TRO is ready to go. We've put a lot of work in for the past 7 months, and soon everyone else will get to see what we've accomplished.

I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped out on this project:
Snow Cheetah
These guys have all helped out a great deal. The TRO could not have happened without them.